Test Bank (Downloadable Files) for Texas Politics Today 2017-2018 Edition, 18th Edition, Mark P. Jones, ISBN-10: 1305952189, ISBN-13: 9781305952188

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Test Bank for Texas Politics Today 8th Edition by Jones


Test Bank for Texas Politics Today 8th Edition by Jones

Test Bank for Texas Politics Today 2017-2018 Edition, 18th Edition, Mark P. Jones, William Earl Maxwell, Ernest Crain, Morhea Lynn Davis, Christopher Wlezein, Elizabeth N. Flores, ISBN-10: 1305952189, ISBN-13: 9781305952188

Table of Contents
Prologue: Texas’s Political Roots.
1. Texas Culture and Diversity.
2. Texas in the Federal System.
3. The Texas Constitution in Perspective.
4. Voting and Elections.
5. Political Parties.
6. Interest Groups.
7. The Legislature.
8. The Executive.
9. The Judiciary.
10. Law and Due Process.
11. Local Government.
12. Public Policy in Texas.


1. The dominant political values and beliefs of a people is referred to as
a. political culture.
b. political socialization.
c. political disposition.
d. political temperament.

2. Which of the following is NOT a primary agent of socialization that helps to develop a political culture?
a. family
b. religion
c. geography
d. education

3. What best describes Texas’s dominant political culture today?
a. The best government is a limited government.
b. The best government is active liberal government.
c. The best government is one that promotes nontraditional values.
d. The best government is one that embraces social change.

4. A conservative in Texas would most strongly support which of the following?
a. legislation to increase taxes
b. legislation to limit free-market capitalism
c. legislation to limit abortion
d. legislation to increase business regulations

5. The political ideology that believes in a limited role for government in the areas of taxation and economic regulation is
a. liberal.
b. conservative.
c. moderate.
d. fiscal.

6. The political ideology that actively supports the expansion of civil rights and tolerates social change is
a. conservative.
b. liberal.
c. moderate.
d. social conservative.

7. Which of the following statements is accurate regarding the ideology of Texans?
a. Almost half of all Texans identify as conservative.
b. In Texas, women tend to be more conservative than men.
c. Compared to the number of African American and Latino liberals, the number of Anglo liberals is very small.
d. The number of Texans that identify as liberal or conservative is almost equal.

8. Which of the following accurately represents the partisan identity of Texans?
a. The vast majority of Texans self-identify as Republicans.
b. Most African Americans in Texas self-identify as Republicans.
c. Women are more likely to self-identify as Democrats than are men.
d. Over half of Texas Millennials self-identify as Republicans.

9. Most of Texas’s public policies reflect which political ideology?
a. conservative
b. liberal
c. moderate
d. independent

10. Which of the following public policy issues has been supported by the Texas legislature?
a. legalizing the use of medical marijuana
b. removing bans on casino gambling
c. reducing penalties for lawbreakers
d. passing legislation to reduce the number of abortions

11. In his study of Texas culture, D.W. Meinig determined that modern regional political culture is largely determined by
a. migration patterns.
b. racial diversity.
c. economic variables.
d. national cultural trends.

12. According to D.W. Meinig, around the 1960s, Texas evolved into _____ fairly distinct cultural regions.
a. three
b. nine
c. twelve
d. fifteen

13. Which religion has permeated the political, social, and cultural activities of East Texas?
a. Catholicism
b. Calvinism
c. Fundamentalist Protestantism
d. Southern Baptist

14. Which region of Texas has experienced continuous growth because of discoveries at Spindletop?
a. Panhandle
b. West Texas
c. South Texas
d. Gulf Coast

15. Which of the following describes a Mestizo?
a. an individual of both Spanish and Native American lineage
b. a descendant of European Spanish immigrants
c. a ranchero
d. a Native American from a region outside of Texas

16. The first Texas cowboys were
a. Creoles.
b. Native Americans and Mestizos.
c. Midwestern Anglos.
d. African Americans.

17. Which Texas region is known as the “Trans-Pecos” region because it exhibits elements of two cultures?
a. German Hill Country
b. Central Texas
c. Far West Texas
d. Panhandle

18. Which of the following is NOT correct about the modern South and Far West Texas area known as the Texas Border?
a. NAFTA has proven to be an economic stimulus for the Texas border area.
b. Spanish is the commercial and social language of choice for many Anglo Americans there.
c. The area’s residents have strong ties to the German, Czech and Polish cultures.
d. The Texas border cities remains some of the poorest in the United States.

19. One result of the proliferation of maquiladoras has been
a. a rise in the cost of the American products made there.
b. a reduction in drug trafficking across the border.
c. the ecological endangerment of the Rio Grande.
d. a reversal of NAFTA.

20. Which socially and politically conservative region of Texas is experiencing residential growth from rapidly expanding urban areas, especially from San Antonio and Austin?
a. German Hill Country
b. West Texas
c. Gulf Coast
d. Panhandle