Test Bank For California Politics A Primer 5th edition By Vechten

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Test Bank For California Politics A Primer 5th edition By Renee B. Van Vechten, ISBN: 9781506380353

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Test Bank For California Politics A Primer 5th edition By Vechten

Test Bank For California Politics A Primer 5th edition By Renee B. Van Vechten, ISBN: 9781506380353

“A thorough yet concise overview of California institutions, politics, and initiative process, grounded in an overview of California’s political culture.”

—Ronnee Schreiber, San Diego State University

The thoroughly revised Fifth Edition of California Politics: A Primer concisely explains how California’s history, political culture, rules, and institutions come together to shape politics today and how they will determine the state of affairs tomorrow. Author Renee B. Van Vechten begins with a brief political history of California, then walks through direct democracy, the legislature, executive branch, and court system. She covers local government and concludes with a discussion of the state’s budget process, campaigns and elections, political engagement, and policy issues. From the structure of the state’s government to its local representatives, policies, and voter participation, California Politics: A Primer delivers the concepts and details students need.

Table Of Content

About the Author
Chapter 1: Introduction

Principles for Understanding California Politics

Chapter 2: Critical Junctures

Early California

The Rise of the Southern Pacific Railroad


The Power of Organized Interests

Growth and Industrialization in the Golden State

The Initiative Process Takes Hold

Hyperdiversity in a Modern State

Recalling a Governor

Pushing Ahead with More Reforms

The Return of Jerry Brown

Conclusion: Political Earthquakes and Evolving Institutions

Chapter 3: Direct Democracy

The Statewide Initiative Process

Preparation Stage: Drafting, Public Review, and Titling

Qualification Stage: Circulating Petitions, Gathering Signatures, and Signature Verification

Campaign Stage: Persuading Potential Voters

Postelection Stage: Court Challenges and Implementation

The Power of the Initiative Process



Direct Democracy at the Local Level

Conclusion: The Perils and Promises of Hybrid Democracy

Chapter 4: The State Legislature

Design, Purpose, and Function of the Legislature

California Representatives at Work

Lawmaking and Policymaking

Annual Budgeting

Constituency Service and Outreach

Executive Branch Oversight


Conclusion: Of the People, for the People

Chapter 5: The Executive Branch

California’s Plural Executive

California’s Governor

The Constitutional Executive Officers

Administrators and Regulators

Conclusion: Leading State Government

Chapter 6: The Court System

The Three-Tiered Court System

On and Off the Court

Court Administration

Criminal Justice and Its Costs

Conclusion: Access to Justice

Chapter 7: Other Governments

County Government

Municipal Governments

Special Districts

School Districts

Regional Governments


Tribal Governments

Conclusion: The State’s Interlocking Systems

Chapter 8: The California Budget Process

California Budgeting 101

Mechanics of Budgeting: Revenue

Mechanics of Budgeting: Expenditures, Deficits, and Debt

Political Constraints on Budgeting

Tax Burden: Highest in the Nation?

Conclusion: Budgeting under Variable Conditions

Chapter 9: Political Parties, Elections, and Campaigns

Democratic Stronghold, but Weakly Partisan

Party in the California Electorate

Party in Government

Party Organizations

Party in Informal Networks

Elections: Continuity and Change

California Campaigns

Conclusion: A Complex Electorate

Chapter 10: Political Engagement

Citizens and Politics

Predictors of Political Participation and Disengagement

The Five Californias

News and Media Habits

Types of Political Participation

Major Voting Trends

Special Interest Groups: Indirectly Connecting Citizens to Government

Conclusion: An Evolving Political Community

Chapter 11: Concluding Thoughts