Test Bank For Lifespan Development in Context A Topical Approach By Kuther

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Test Bank For Lifespan Development in Context A Topical Approach By Tara L. Kuther, ISBN: 9781506373409, ISBN: 9781506373393, ISBN: 9781544331607, ISBN: 9781544382432


Test Bank For Lifespan Development in Context A Topical Approach By Kuther

Test Bank For Lifespan Development in Context A Topical Approach By Tara L. Kuther, ISBN: 9781506373409, ISBN: 9781506373393, ISBN: 9781544331607, ISBN: 9781544382432

Award-winning author Tara L. Kuther presents Lifespan Development in Context, a topically organized version of her bestselling Lifespan Development text that provides a panoramic view of the many influences that shape human development. Kuther’s student-friendly narrative guides the reader through immersive video cases and real-world examples to illustrate how the places, sociocultural environments, and ways in which we are raised influence who we become and how we grow and change throughout our lives. Three core themes resonate throughout each chapter: the centrality of context, the importance of research, and the value of applied developmental science. Foundational theories and classic studies are combined with contemporary research and culturally diverse perspectives for a modern introduction to the field that is both comprehensive and concise. Visual overviews, case studies, and critical thinking questions encourage self-reflection and class discussion, ensuring students have the tools they need to apply course concepts to their lives and future careers. INSTRUCTORS:

Table Of Content

About the Author
Part I: Foundations of Development
1 Understanding Human Development: Approaches and Theories

What Is Lifespan Human Development?

Basic Issues in Lifespan Human Development

Theoretical Perspectives on Human Development

Research in Human Development

Ethical Issues in Research

Part II: Biological Development and Health
2 Biological and Environmental Foundations and Prenatal Development

Genetic Foundations of Development

Chromosomal and Genetic Problems

Heredity and Environment

Prenatal Development

Environmental Influences on Prenatal Development

3 Physical Development and Aging

Physical Development in Infancy and Childhood

Physical Development in Adolescence

Physical Changes in Adulthood

Eating and Exercise Over the Lifespan

4 Brain, Perception, and Motor Development

Brain Development

Motor Development

Sensation and Perception

5 Health

Common Health Issues in Infancy and Childhood

Common Health Issues in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood

Common Health Issues in Adulthood

Dementia in Older Adulthood

Part III: Cognitive Development
6 Cognitive Change: Cognitive– Developmental and Sociocultural Approaches

Piaget’s Cognitive–Developmental Perspective: Cognition in Infancy and Early Childhood

Piaget’s Cognitive–Developmental Perspective: Cognition in Middle Childhood and Adolescence

Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Perspective

Cognitive Development in Adulthood

7 Cognitive Change: Information Processing Approach

The Information Processing System

Information Processing in Infancy

Information Processing in Childhood

Information Processing in Adolescence

Information Processing in Adulthood

8 Intelligence

Psychometric Approach to Intelligence

New Approaches to Intelligence

Development of Intelligence

Group Differences in IQ

Giftedness, Intellectual Disability, and Special Needs

9 Language Development

Foundations of Language

From Sounds to Symbols: Language Development in Infancy

Language Development Over the Lifespan

Perspectives on Language Development

Contextual Influences on Language Development

Part IV: Socioemotional Development
10 Emotional Development

Emotional Development in Infancy

Emotional Development in Childhood

Emotional Development in Adolescence and Adulthood



11 Self, Identity, and Personality





12 Moral Development

Moral Reasoning

Prosocial Behavior

Moral Socialization

Aggression and Antisocial Behavior

Religion and Spirituality

13 Gender and Sexuality

Gender Stereotypes, Gender Differences, and Gender Development

Influences on Gender Development

Emerging Sexuality

Sexuality and Sexual Activity

Part V: Contexts of Development
14 Social Relationships: Family and Peers

Social Transitions and Family Formation

Family Constellations


Family Relationships in Adulthood

Peer Relationships

15 School, Achievement, and Work

Early Childhood and Elementary Education

Secondary and Postsecondary Education

Achievement Motivation

Career Development, Work, and Retirement

Part VI: Endings
16 Death and Dying

Patterns of Mortality and Defining Death

Conceptions of Death Across the Lifespan

Dying and the Experience of Death

Bereavement and Grief