Test Bank For Parenting A Dynamic Perspective 3rd Edition By Holden

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Test Bank For Parenting A Dynamic Perspective 3rd Edition By George W. Holden, ISBN: 9781506350424


Test Bank For Parenting A Dynamic Perspective 3rd Edition By Holden

Test Bank For Parenting A Dynamic Perspective 3rd Edition By George W. Holden, ISBN: 9781506350424

The Third Edition of George W. Holden’s Parenting: A Dynamic Perspective provides a highly accessible and intellectually rich review of what is currently known about parenting. Written from a psychological perspective but with applications to other disciplines, the text discusses a wide range of contemporary issues such as fertility problems, daycare, marital conflict, divorce, gay parents, and family violence. Additionally, Holden includes studies from developing and non-Western countries, as well as recent statistics on such topics as U.S. and world birthrate, birth problems, adolescent pregnancy, child injury, divorce and remarriage, child maltreatment, and certain social policy issues.

Table Of Content

About the Author
Part I: Understanding Parents and Child Rearing
Chapter 1: Introduction: From Beliefs to Evidence

Parenting Beliefs Throughout History

Authorities’ Parenting Beliefs Throughout History

Other Sources of Parenting Beliefs

Using Research to Understand Parenting

Chapter 2: Theoretical Perspectives on Parenting

Introduction to Theory

Classical Theories

Biological, Genetic, and Environmental Influences

Social Learning and Social Theories

Family Systems Theory

Other Emotion-Based Theories

Developmental Stage Theories

Chapter 3: Approaches to Parenting Research


Comparing Approaches

Chapter 4: How Important Are Parents?

Historical Evidence About Parental Influence

Associations Between Parenting and Children’s Outcomes

The Behavioral Genetics Challenge

A New Perspective on How Parents Matter

Trajectories and Development

Chapter 5: Determinants of Parenting

Categories of Determinants

Cultural and Distal Determinants

Contextual Determinants

Stable Characteristics Determinants

Situational Determinants

Interrelations Among Determinants

Part II: Parenting and Development
Chapter 6: Becoming a Parent

Deciding to Have a Child

Getting Pregnant, Staying Pregnant, and Encountering Problems

Labor and Childbirth

The Preterm Newborn

Transitioning to Parenthood

Parenting the Newborn

The Problem of Infant Mortality

Ethical Issues

Chapter 7: Parenting Infants and Toddlers

Parenting Infants

Parenting Toddlers

Chapter 8: Parenting Preschoolers

Parenting a Preschooler

Contemporary Issues

Chapter 9: Parenting During the Middle Childhood Years

Parents and Within-Family Interactions

Parents and External Influences

Chapter 10: Parenting Adolescents

Developmental Changes in Adolescence

Problems for Adolescents and Their Parents

How Parents Help Teens Navigate Adolescence

Part III: Contemporary Issues
Chapter 11: Parenting in Nontraditional Families

Single Parents

Adolescent Mothers

ART Families

Adoptive Parents

Gay and Lesbian Parents

Blended/Stepparent Parents

Grandparents as Parents

Foster Parents

Parenting Emergent Adults

Chapter 12: Parents at Risk

Economic Factors

Parent Context

Chapter 13: Cultural Influences on Parenting

Parenting in Different Countries

Cultural Diversity Among North American Parents

Religion and Parenting

Chapter 14: Child Maltreatment: When Parenting Goes Awry

Child Maltreatment Throughout History

The Many Faces of Child Maltreatment

Child Maltreatment Across Time and Country

Protecting Maltreated Children: Foster Parents

The Costs of Child Maltreatment

Chapter 15: Social Policy Issues

The Changing American Family

The Societal Costs of Family Problems

Social Policy Responses

Controversial Social Policy Ideas

Appendix: Journals That Frequently Publish Studies Pertaining to Parenting